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Aspire Athos Tank

Aspire Athos Tank
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The Athos tank is a heavy hitter for those who prefer dense clouds and top-notch flavor. It takes in three different kind of coils: The A1 Coil, is a single parallel coil head and are rated at 0.16ohm with a recommended power setting of 85-100W, this coil produces both tremendous vapor and flavor production. The A3 Coils, is a Tri-coil head and they are rated at 0.30ohm and the recommended power setting is 60-75W. The A5 Coil, is a Penta-coil head and are rated at 0.16ohm with a recommended power setting of 100-120W, this coil is for those who are wanting a higher vapor production. To truly experience the Athos tank, the airflow is designed to be at the bottom to compliment the power the tank produces.

Aspire Athos Tank:

  • Tank-4ml Tank Capacity
  • Airflow-Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • Coils-A1 Coil (0.16ohm), A3 Coil (0.3ohm), and A5 Coil (0.16ohm)
  • Power Output-A1 Coil (85-100W), A3 Coil (60-75W), and A5 Coil (100-120W)
  • Fill-Top Filling Tank

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