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Jobon Destktop Lighter - Three colors option

Jobon Destktop Lighter - Three colors option
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Jobon smoking lighter: gas refuelling and frame adjustment. 3 color available.
Jobon Destktop Lighters - Flame Violent
  • Never puncture or put in fire
  • Be sure flame is out after use
  • Please try not to ignite the lighter for long time (more than 10 seconds(, except igniting cigar. 

  • Gas refuelling
  • Flame adjustment
  • Using the special gas for lighter
  • Warning for gas refuelling
  • Keep away from children
  • Lighter are no toys, do not let children play with it
  • Lignite lighter away from face and clothing
  • Contains flammable gas under pressure
  • Never expose to heat above 45℃ or to prolonged sunlight
Note: The lighter is gas lighter, because it cannot ship with gas when air transport, we send it without gas. 

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