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Airscream AirsPops Cartridge --- Mangolicious

Airscream AirsPops Cartridge --- Mangolicious
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Mangolicious: Pure unadulterated tropical taste of mango.
The following options are out of stock:
  • Airscream AirsPops Cartridge --- Mangolicious, 1 pod, 3.6% Nic
  • Airscream AirsPops Cartridge --- Mangolicious, 1 pack - 4 pods, 3.6% Nic
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AirsPops Cartridge juice is meticulously hand-crafted using exclusive-sourced high- quality ingredients and processed in a clean room environment.

E-liquid cartridges for electronic cigarette.
Ingredients: vegetable glycerine,
                    Propylene glycol,

SPECIFICATIONS :-  Pod capacity: 1.2ml

PACKAGE INCLUDES :  4 cartridges with the same flavour


Please remove the plastic stopper at the top and bottom of the cartridge, and press the cartridge into the AIRSCREAM battery. When you hear the sound of “CLICK”, you are ready to vape! Once the cartridge is empty, simply replace it with a new one.

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