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Joyetech EXCEED Edge 2018
$44.90 $22.45 Save $22.45 incl GST
General Introduction:

Being a pod system while you can still change the coil heads as you like, the Joyetech EXCEED Edge is ergonomically designed, inspired by the sports car. It is meant to offer you a delectable and pure flavor using with the fine EX 1.2ohm head for mouth-to-lung enthusiasts. Meanwhile, it is compatible with high nicotine and nicotine salts. The EXCEED Edge is such a tiny and sleek device that fits you perfectly not just for starters but also advanced vapers.

You can find the replacement coils / Atomizer for Joyetech Exceed Edge Here or Exceed Edge Cartridge/Mouth Pieces Here. 

Key Features:

•Robust and versatile pod mod

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the EXCEED Edge features a curved structural chassis with the shape of sports car. What an exquisite vaping beauty of arts.

•Changeable coil head

You‘re free to replace the coil head with the EXCEED Edge cartridge. Simply  unscrew the base and replace with a new EX 1.2ohm head.


The EXCEED Edge utilizes a convenient filling system. Just open the stopper on the side and inject the e-liquid into the cartridge easily.

•Smooth air intake

The EXCEED Edge cartridge takes a vertical approach in discovering original and pure flavor.

Other Features:

•Eco-friendly material 

The EXCEED Edge cartridge is mainly made from PETG which is healthy, heat resistant and recyclable.

•2ml capacity and TPD compliant

 Having a refillable side filling solution, it offers 2ml e-liquid capacity which is TPD compliant.

•Battery indicator

The light will flash slowly or stay lit when battery quantity is high, on the contrary, the light flashes in frequency.

•Easy Charging

Simply charge the EXCEED Edge battery by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. When it's fully charged, the indicator light will go out.


Size: 26.5*110.0*20.0mm (Width*Height*Thickness, the following Size info will be same format)
Weight: 74.0g
Colors: Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Silver, Dazzling
Output mode: Direct output
Cartridge capacity: 2.0ml
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Atomizer head: EX 1.2ohm MTL. Head

Standard Configuration:

1 * EXCEED Edge
2 * EX 1.2ohm MTL. head
1 * Manual
Spare parts

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