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What You Need to Know About The Australian Nicotine Prescriptions


Can I still import vape products with nicotine from oversea?
The answer is yes. All you need to do is provide a valid doctor prescription when you place your order with us. If you are not familiar with the process, you can find out the details from below.

What will is happening from 1st of October, 2021?

As of October 1st, 2021, regulations on importing nicotine into Australia are changing, and customers from Australian will be required to have a valid medical prescription to legally access nicotine e-Liquids. 

Following a reclassification from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) making nicotine e-liquids a Schedule 4 (prescription only) substance late last year. From October 1, the Australian government is formalising this requirement on a national level. All Australian vapers are always required a prescription to import and possess nicotine. 

How can I get a prescription?

We highly recommend to help our customers access valid prescriptions for their nicotine needs and maintain their harm reduction strategy. Quit Clinics is registered with ATHRA (Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association) and has authorized Australian Doctors who specialize in nicotine prescriptions. The turn around timeframe is 24 hours, please contact them for further details. The flow chart below illustrates the steps involved in legal access to nicotine in Australia.

Upload prescription function will be available soon.

 According to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration you will only be able to order a three months supply of your prescribed nicotine, with dosage outlined in your doctor's prescription.

More information about the Australian Government | Department of Health: Personal Importation Scheme. ATHRA has provided a list of other Australian doctors who can possibly assist you with a nicotine prescription.


Can I place an order without providing a prescription at checkout (after Oct 1 2021)?

Details on the terms of service will be updated very soon. Please be aware of your national legal requirements. 

Please be aware it is possible that your parcel with nicotine products will be held by custom officers in Australia, for the reason that the ABF (Australian Border Force) is tasked with enforcing the prescription requirements and may seize any non compliant nicotine or e-cigarette shipments that do not include a valid prescription. They will then contact you to provide a valid prescription for your parcel to be released. Without a valid prescription, your parcel will be destroyed and/or penalties under Australian law.

Please be acknowledged, from 1 October 2021, the penalty for importing nicotine e-liquid/pods without a prescription could incur a fine of up to AUD222,000 under the Customs Act 1901. The offence carries 1,000 penalty points at $222 each.

It is important to keep tack on the validation of your prescription. Prescriptions cannot be backdated and can only be dated from the date of consultation. 

More information from the TGA.

Ordering Nicotine E-Liquids:

We recommending purchasing your juice, disposables and hardware in a separate order with DHL shipping. It will be better to placing separate orders for large amount of products. Alternatively, spacing out your order into multiple, smaller orders over a few weeks.

Amount limits for AU orders

At this stage we are not setting any limits on purchase quantities. Please keep in mind that orders over $1000 AUD are potentially subject to extra scrutiny at the border - as such, if you require more than $1000 AUD worth of products, we recommending spacing multiple, smaller orders over a few weeks.


Nicotine products storage tips

E-Liquids/PODs: in a cool dry place without direct sun and high heat areas. If it is possible, your fridge is the ideal storage for them. Remember to sit them out for a few hours to warm up to room temperature before using.