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Discount T Manifesto

While we've been around as a retailer for 15 years in the industry, in recent times we've shifted our business model to also supply vape products.

For years our customers have trusted us to provide the right recommendations. Probably partly the reason why you are on this list is because you've been with us for a long time, and we value your support.

Why We're Encouraging People Who Smoke to Look At Vape Products Instead

Vape culture has brought about a huge change for us. Being on the front lines, we've learned a lot about the experience customers are actually having. Often the process of becoming smoke free and switching on to vapes is not as simple as you would like.

What We've Found

What we've seen is a lot of people try vapes only to quit pretty early on in the process. This is often because they can't handle the frustration of changing a lifelong habit. A lot of the time it's also because they weren't set up on the right system to begin with.


We're Not Going To Lie

A part of what is motivating us to promote vaping culture and encourage customers to switch to vapes is simple economics. We're also in good company; a large number of businesses are following a policy trend that will eventually make New Zealand a smoke free country. 


Some Vape Products Are Better Than Others

That being said, of course, some vape systems are simply better than others, and not just more cost effective either - certain systems have been approved by the EU manufacturing standards, meaning that they are free of chemical impurities, while others are not. Not to mention that users have different requirements and often need a tailored solution.


We Spend A Lot of Time On Research
We spend a lot of time researching the market to find products that will suit people. In doing so, we're not just looking for fundamentally better systems, but also systems that fix the simple problems that make vaping a harder habit to adopt, such as systems that minimise the complexity of charging the battery. This way we can recommend systems that produce a better result for customers, and help them shift on to vapes successfully.


We Select the Right System For a Person's Needs
Our staff are really knowledgeable about the available systems. We position our staff to be able to help you with advice, whether it is in person, over the phone, or by email chat on our website. In a lot of cases, they can actually tailor a solution that is suitable to your specific requirements. What this means is more satisfaction from the system overall, and less chance of giving up and going back to old habits.


The Right Advice - When You're Ready
Some people simply aren't ready to make the switch and that is fine. Staying in touch with us can at least keep you up to date with changes in the market as they occur. Giving up isn't easy - whether you're going cold turkey or not.

We Keep Getting Better

We keep improving our processes to find new ways not only to save you money, but also to educate and inform you in the process. We are also open to suggestions about how we can improve your experience. If you have any ideas about how we can make things better, please get in touch. Our new chat function is designed to be able to answer your questions on the spot between 9am and 5pm.

No Surprises Delivery

The system is automatic so it will calculate delivery upfront and show you the the full amount before you order (rather than slapping on delivery at the end, as some sites do).

That means you can access our great low prices without needing to pay extra for shipping. Our commitment to you is simply to offer the best product at the best price, along with the best service.

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