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From August 11th, ONLY tobacco, mint and menthol flavoured vaping products are remaining on our website. For other flavours, please visit

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Online Shopping Guidline


Step 1: Open a website browser (e.g. Google Chrome), enter ""
Step 1 enter site

Step2: The warning box pop up. Please ensure you are over 18, click "YES"

Step 2 verified age

Step 3: Select item 
             option 1: choose products from main banner. 
             option 2: Search by product name on Discount T. Enter the product name in Search Box

Step 3 find products

Step 4: Add products to the shopping cart, click "ADD TO CART"

Step 4 Add to cart

Step 5: When you finish shopping, click "SHOPPING CART" to view all products

Step 5 check cart

Step 6: Check items, located country and delivery methods

Step 6 check out

Step 7: Register your account and submit your order. Enter your email address and your personal information (name, delivery address and phone number) to register an account. Then click "PLACE ORDER"

Step 7 fill form place order

Final Step: Complete the payment. Enter credit card details, then click "Pay"

Step 8 peyment

Your order has been placed and waiting for dispatching. Only thing you need to do is waiting your parcel!!! Easy right? Let's go shopping.